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 Royal London Silver Jewellery

Royal London set to charm retail jewellers!

The Royal London Silver Jewellery range includes a finely wrought selection of ladies bracelets, necklacesearrings and a beautifully crafted series of over 100 individual rhodium plated sterling silver charms.

   Produced in high quality sterling silver, each charm comes with its own pouch and gift box.
Designs in the must-see charm collection cover a wide variety of occasions, special interests and pastimes, with a particular focus on London life that will help you commemorate the 2012 Olympic games, Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Royal Wedding.

Some of the other themes you can discover in this covetable range include fashion, food and drink, gadgets, music, sport, travel and the all-important love and romance.
From cherries and chilli-pepper to teacups and tennis there is something to suit the whims of ladies everywhere in this stunning, collectable range.

Initial response to Royal London’s first charm and jewellery collection has been overwhelmingly positive and  sales have been extremely strong since product launch. Plans are already in the pipeline to further grow the collection in future seasons.
 Silver jewellery

Royal London silver jewellery

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