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JT001: Folding Magnifier Loupe.
Plastic single headed magnifier with a protective steel cover. Magnification x10.
JT002: Single Folding Magnifier
Anchromatic Lens. A brass plated body. Pocket magnifier with a round glass. Magnification x20.
JT003: Folding Magnifier (Rouper Loupe)
Brass plated body with a single head, which folds neatly into the body to protect the lens. Magnification x10.
WT029: Std Eyeglass 2.5 ins
Plastic bodied, foci 2.5 ins, magnification x4.
WT030: Std Eyeglass 3.0 ins
Plastic bodied, foci 3 ins, magnification x3.3.
WT031: 3.5ins Eyeglass
Plastic eyeglass 3.5" foci.
WT032: 4.0ins Eyeglass
Plastic eyeglass 4" foci.
WT033: Eyeglass Holder
Eyeglass holder.
WT034: Double Lens Eyeglass 10X
Plastic bodied, with two removable glasses. Magnification x10.
WT035: Clip On Eye Glass
Plastic bodied with a metal hinged arm for adjustment. Suitable for the left or right eye, foci 4 ins, magnification x2.5.

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