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00907091: Boxwood Mallet Head 70X24
Will not mark or damage metal.
RT4: Locking Tweezers
Steel locking tweezers. Sliding locking function.
WT036: Battery Tweezers
Plastic serrated grips. Length 125mm.
WT037: Ideal-Tek Tweezers
Swiss made anti-magnetic tapered tweezers, length 130mm.
WT038: Ideal-Tek Tweezer 259Cf.S
Swiss made carbon fibre tweezers with fine smooth tips. ESD safe, acid and heat resistant to 230 degrees celcius.
WT039: Metal Tweezers
Inexpensive metal tweezers for general use.
WT123: Hammer Head 70mm
Steel head on a wooden handle, head width 70mm, shaft length 220mm, weight 42g.

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