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WT041: Screwdriver Blade Holder
Central piece to hold screwdriver blades on the bottom plate of the bracelet link remover (WT040 (00999153)).
WT045: Screwdriver Holder
Replacement screwdriver holder for link remover (WT040 (00999153)).
WT054: Super Screwdriver Set
Comes with a revolving stand, spare blades and grub screws. Sizes from 0.60 - 3.00mm
WT055: Super Screwdriver Set/9
Pack of nine screwdrivers in a wooden box which includes spare blades. Enclosed sizes 0.60 - 3.00mm.
WT056: Bergeon Carousel Screwdriver Set
Set of nine screwdrivers on a revolving stand with spare blades and grub screws. Sizes from 0.50 - 2.50mm
WT057: Super Screwdriver 0.6mm
Top quality precision screwdriver.
WT058: Super Screwdriver 0.8mm
Top quality precision screwdriver.
WT059: Super Screwdriver 1.0Mm
Top quality precision screwdriver.
WT060: Super Screwdriver 1.2Mm
Top quality precision screwdriver.
WT061: Super Screwdriver 1.4Mm
Top quality precision screwdriver.

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