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00952918: Perspex Dome
Spare dome for Elma leak checker tester 2000 (00952917).
JT029: Diamond and Moissanite Tester
Combined tester to detect if a stone is a diamond or moissanite. Includes 9v battery.
JT030: Diamond Tester
Quick test to check gemstones by means of light indicator and audible sound.
JT031: Gold Tester GT4000
One of the easiest and most accurate precious metal testers on the market. Contains no hazardous chemicals. (Refill fluid: JT033 (00923325))
JT032: Sensor Replacement For GT4000 Tester
Sensor replacement for GT4000 tester.
JT033: Refill Fluid Gt4000
Replacement gold testing fluid for electronic tester. (JT031 (00923324))
WT147: Elma Waterproof Tester 2000
Dry pressure tester for testing the water resistance of a watch without getting it wet.

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