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 Condor Leather Watchstraps and Bracelets

Website availability

All of our leather watchstraps and bracelets are available for approved stockists to order online.

Rigorous Testing

  1. Traction-torsion test: The watchstraps are then checked for damage or distortion to the strap.
  2. Dry friction test/wet friction test: The straps are then tested for colour loss.
  3. Synthetic sweat loss: The straps are coated with a chemical to simulate human sweat and after 48 hours are tested for colour loss.
  4. Splash test: Straps are tested for damage against rain etc.
  5. Absorption and retention of water: The straps are immersed in water for 24 hours to check that the leather does not swell and the adhesive is not affected.
  6. Sauna test: The straps are tested to ensure they can withstand the heat and steam present in sauna conditions.

Please note that the water tests do not always apply to aniline straps. The natural beauty of aniline leather is that the surface has not been treated with any man made coating and it can therefore absorb a certain amount of water.

Condor Watchstraps

  • Gents leather watchstaps
  • Ladies leather watchstraps
  • Gold and steel metal watch bracelets

Leather watchstraps have evolved, from the cut edge, the rolled edge, the turned edge, and now... the rembordé edge form of construction adds strength and protects against water infusion.

Condor Group has long been considered to be one of the leading suppliers of quality watchstraps.

We are passionate about quality whilst continuing to maintain a competitive price point in the market.

Existing customers will know that we have continually improved quality over the years with little or no extra cost.

Outstanding Quality

  • Genuine leather
  • Water and sweat resistant
  • Extremely hard wearing.
  • Hypo-allergenic leather lining.
  • Buckles conform to EEC nickel release regulations.
  • Modern Rembordé Edge finish for extra strength and style.
  • Full quality control testing during the manufacturing process.

We guarantee that leather straps in our catalogues are manufactured from genuine leather and this applies to both the top and lining leather.

Top leathers are lined with waterproof leather to protect from water and perspiration.

Superior stainless steel buckles are PVD plated which is guaranteed to last longer than most other forms of plating and also helps to protect sensitive skin.

 An inspiring collection
Condor leather straps
" ...using only the best leathers from around the world we have created an inspiring collection which contains the very best Calfskin leathers in plain and exciting grains, complemented by a range of exotic leather skins to satisfy the most discerning customers' needs. "
" ...passionate about quality whilst continuing to maintain a competitive price point in the market. "
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